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Activities for Children in the event of a School Closure

Fun Topic Ideas - 18.5.20

1. Design and make your own rainforest.

Create your very own rainforest habitat. You could create a collage, a drawing or a painting. You could build a rainforest in a shoe box, create a 3D rainforest or even use real plants and leaves. I'm sure you will have some fantastically creative ideas.  

2. Design your own rainforest creature.

Think about all the different creatures that live in the rainforest habitat and the features they have that enables them to survive. Design your very own creature to live in the rainforest environment. Does it have feathers, fur or scales? Is it brightly coloured or camouflaged? Does it live on the ground or in the canopy?   

18.05.20 - Science - Classification of animals - Watch BBC bitesize clips on Animals -

Year 1 Maths - W/C 18.05.2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. This week's Maths focus is on length and height - get you measuring equipment at the ready! Again, you have lots of physical learning to do this week so it should be fun. The PDF titled 'Year 1 Maths' will explain all the activities that are planned for this week. 


Hope it is all okay and please reach out to me via Dojo with any questions. Enjoy!smiley

Year 2 maths - 18.5.20
Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

Following on from our work with addition, this week our focus is subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number. To begin with I have included some practise with subtracting 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers and subtracting tens from 2-digit numbers to help you practise the skills you will need.

Once again I have created a guide on the method we use to subtract 2-digit numbers in school. I hope this helps. I have attached some worksheets and number cards to help you practise the method and if you have a dice you can generate your own numbers as well. Finally I have added some games so you can have fun using the subtraction method. Plus our weekly mystery!

Have Fun with Outdoor Maths - 11.5.20

Fun Topic Ideas - 11.5.20

1. House of Sweets

Make your own house made of sweets from the Hansel and Gretel Story. You could design it first before you make it. You can use your imagination and make your house out of anything you like e.g. Lego, cake, biscuits, cardboard boxes.  

2. Trail

Make your own trail for someone to follow like the children did in the Hansel and Gretel Story. It could be a trail inside or outside. You could use clues (in words or pictures) to lead them to the next clue or you could leave a trail of objects or pictures to follow.  

Excellent fun ideas to build with LEGO - 11.05.20

Year 1 Maths - Week beginning 11.05.2020

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine. This week's Maths focus is money. There are lots of practical activities for you to do this week so you should be having lots of fun learning all about money! The document labelled 'Year 1 Maths - 11.05.20' will explain all of you activities for this week and all the resources you will need. Hope this all is okay and please feel free to contact me on Dojo with any questionssmiley

Year 2 maths - 11.5.20
Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

I hope you all enjoyed your maths work with shape last week. This week we are going to practise our addition skills with a focus on adding two 2-digit numbers together. To begin with I have included some practise with adding 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers and adding tens to 2-digit numbers to help you practise the skills you will need.

I have created a guide on the method we use to add two 2-digit numbers in school which also includes a number of examples. I hope this helps. I have attached some worksheets and number cards to help you practise the method and if you have a dice you can generate your own numbers as well. Finally I have added some games so you can have fun using the addition method. 

Of course I couldn't forget our weekly mystery!

Year 1 Maths - Week beginning 04/05/2020

This weeks focus is on counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. Please see below the PDF called 'Year 1 Maths - 04.05.2020' which explains in detail all of the activities attached. It also has a set out structure for how you may want to do the activities, with something set out for each day. 
Please don't feel you have to do it this way, I just thought a more structured explanation would be beneficial for some people! Hope this is all okay and please reach out to me on Dojo with any questions.

Year 2 maths for this week - 4.5.20
Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well.
I thought we would have a change for our maths focus this week. We are going to take a little break from number and have fun with shape. This week all our maths work is based around 2D and 3D shape. I have attached flash cards so you can practise the names of the shapes. I have included activities based around the properties of shapes, as well as riddles, puzzles, challenges, investigations and a scavenger hunt. There are also nets of 3D shapes for you to make. Once you have made them maybe you could turn them into something, possibly a cone mouse or a cuboid lion. I know your ideas will be far better than mine!
For those of you who are enjoying solving our mysteries I'm sure you will have fun with the mystery of Peter Rabbit and the beetroot burglar.
Enjoy your work with shape.


Fun ideas to try 4.5.20

Ideas to stay active 4.5.20

More Reading Books    28.4.20 

Hello everyone,
Here is another fabulous website to help with your reading.

There are thousands of books available on here for you to read. You can search by story type, fiction or non-fiction, reading level or year group. Hope this helps you to keep up your reading.

Take care.

Reading activities 28.4.20

Hello everyone,
I know that some of you have been looking for more books and stories because you have been reading so much at home that you need more things to read. It is absolutely fantastic to hear you are all so keen to keep reading. I have been snooping around the internet to see if I can find some more reading materials for you. I have found the BookTrust website:
Under the HomeTime section this website has lots of different resources. There are authors reading stories, book characters to draw, stories to read, quizzes, activities, recipes and a handy list of what famous authors are doing online. I hope this helps.
I will keep looking to see if I can find anymore for you.

Take care.

Woodland Trust - 27.4.20

If you haven't already found this fantastic website then please have a look. 


There are loads of fabulous, fun activities that the children can have a go at, such as making a fairy door, making a mud kitchen, building a bird nest, creating ladybird potato stamps, making a mini bug hotel and many, many more. There are five parts all with lots of great nature tasks to try. 

English 27.04.20 - Activities linked to the book 'Dear Greenpeace'

A powerpoint on formal letter writing

You can use one of these templates or make your own.

Year 1 Maths - W/C 27.04.2020

This weeks Maths is all about working on our addition and subtraction skills by using a number line to help us. Remember, when using a number line we have to start with the number that comes first in the number sentence, not at zero. Please have a go at the below activities. If you would like to, please feel free to use physical objects to help you solve the sums. The activities provided are worksheets but you could also complete some sums practically with objects or draw your own number lines to practice addition and subtraction.

Year 2 Maths Activities - 27.4.20


This week the maths activities are all based around place value. These include work on partitioning into tens and ones, comparing numbers using the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols, ordering numbers and reading and writing numbers in figures and words.


There are activity sheets, games, challenge cards and investigations. Please don't feel you have to complete them all just choose the ones that you like. Have Fun!

Art - Learn how to sketch a whale 

Watch the below youtube clip to help you with your sketching skills - Can't wait to see your artwork on dojo!


Why don't you try and sketch your chosen animal too!smiley

More ideas to keep active this week - 27.4.20

YEAR 1 MATHS - W/C 20/04/2020

This week's Maths learning is all about shapes! Please find some activities to complete with you child at home. As well as these, please feel free to make different shapes out of different materials or draw and cut out the shapes. 

Year 2 Maths - Multiplication      20.4.20
This weeks maths for year 2 is based on multiplication with maybe a little division too. Remember to use your fingers to help you with your calculations e.g. 6 x 5 - count in 5s six times putting a finger up each time so you know when you have counted 6 lots, 30 ÷ 5 - count in 5s until you get to 30 putting a finger up each time and then count how many fingers you have.

Ideas to keep you moving

Nature scavenger hunt - As we have been seeing some nicer weather recently, we thought it would be nice if you spent some time outside! Have a go at this scavenger hunt to see what things you find outside. Remember to talk a lot about what you can see and see if you can use some describing words.
NATURE ART - why not have a go at making some art out of the wonderful things you can find outside. You could use some sticks as a photo frame for you picture and maybe a grown up could take a real photo of it for you!


Easter is a very important time for Christians. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead and reminds Christians of God's great love and forgiveness for all humans.

Below is a suggested home learning task your child could do about Easter.

Home learning task about Easter


For Phonics resources please see the 'Phase 5 Spelling Activity Pack' and 'Phonics Activity Resource Pack' on Twinkl as these are good activities to reinforce Phonics learning.

Please complete these reading comprehension activities with your children. 

The number of stars at the bottom of each page indicates the difficulty level of the activity:

1 star - easy

2 stars - medium

3 stars - hard


More reading comprehension activities can be found at

Websites that children can use. is now FREE for parents to use. It is full of Phonics resources, worksheets and games. To access this, please log in to the website using the following credentials:


Username: march20

Password: home