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Activities for Children in the event of School Closure


Easter is a very important time for Christians. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead and reminds Christians of God's great love and forgiveness for all humans.

Below is a suggested home learning task your child could do about Easter.


Home learning task about Easter

Unit 2 home learning letter

Spelling list


Below, is the list of spelling words that the majority of children are expected to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 4. It would be great if your child could work on learning up to 10 of these words a week. They have many strategies for learning their spellings eg Look, say, cover, write & check. We have also added a document with several wordsearches that have groups of the Y3 & 4 spelling words for children to search for. 

Any specific words that your child is finding tricky, could be written on post it notes and stuck around the house in places they will see them regularly (eg by the sink so they can practise while cleaning their teeth, on the food cupboard when they're looking for more snacks!)

Perhaps they could even compose a song where the word is spelt out and then a line using each of the letters of the word like the D.I.S.C.O song from the 80s (showing our age there!!)

"She is D.I.S.C.O 

She is D delirious

She is I incredible

She is S superficial

She is c complicated

She is O ...


Have fun!


Dragon Slayer (video clip from the Literacy Shed website - see home learning letter)


Watch the video and discuss what Tarragon is like. How do we know Tarragon has changed by the end of the video?


After watching the video, choose one of these suggested writing tasks:

  • Write a description of Tarragon and/or the dragon 
  • Describe how Tarragon defeated the dragon in the first person
  • Write from a dragon's point of view - would the battle be the same?
  • Write instructions for 'How to look after a dragon' (remember to use imperative 'bossy' verbs and adverbs of time eg firstly, next, finally.)
  • Write the ending for the story? Did Tarragon go on adventures with the baby dragon? Did he change? How did he change?
  • Sequence the still images from the opening scene and add their own narration (the images are in the document below and on the Literacy Shed website)


Dragon Slayer pictures

Exciting Science activities

Vikings home learning tasks

Coding activities

Websites that children can use