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Farm and Country Fair at Trinity Park

In our RE lessons, we have been discovering whether the cross is a symbol of love, sacrifice or commitment for Christians. We have looked at crosses from all over the world and explored Christian beliefs about the meaning of the cross.

Using what we had learnt, we designed our own Easter crosses and explained what our cross represents.

Our Easter cross designs

Our Easter cross designs 1 My cross represents new life.
Our Easter cross designs 2 My cross represents love.
Our Easter cross designs 3 My cross represents love and sacrifice.
Our Easter cross designs 4 My cross represents Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
Our Easter cross designs 5 My cross represents love and new life.
I chose new life for my cross. I did a flower and rain because the water will wash the flower to make it new. I chose new life because Jesus was resurrected and forgave us so we can start again.
I chose love for my cross because Jesus died on the cross because he had so much love. He did it so our sins could be forgiven.
On my cross, the blue and the tree is for new life. The man in the middle is Jesus and the fire represents sacrifice. The heart represents love.
I chose to use black for Good Friday because when Jesus died the world turned black. I chose blue sky for Easter Sunday because everyone was happy when he came back to life.
I drew the tree and chicks for new life and the hearts and hands for love. I chose new life and love for my cross because Jesus died then rose again to have a new life. Jesus died because he wanted to forgive our sins which shows he loves us.

Spring Chickens!

Spring Chickens! 1 Badgers loved meeting Theo's new family!
Spring Chickens! 2 Theo's Mum taught us how to handle the chicks.

Well done Badgers for your brilliant costumes on our "Fantastic Beasts" reading day!