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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Daily Reading



Reading forms the base of every single lesson the children undertake whether it be reading passages of fiction texts or information. They may also read on a one to one basis with an adult with a focus on both decoding and comprehension.


We are aware that as parents and guardians of the children in our unit you would like suggestions and advice on what you can do at home to help and support your child’s learning. The most beneficial thing you can do at home to help is to read with your child for 10 minutes every day. This however, does not necessarily have to be their school levelled reading book; it could be an information book, books they have hired from the library, magazines, comics or internet articles. This also doesn’t always have to be your child reading to you. We are very aware that sometimes after a long day at school the children can be very tired and encouraging your child to read may not be as easy as it may seem. At these times you could share the reading or read to your child as they follow the text and then ask questions about what you have read and everyone loves a bedtime story. As well as developing their ability to use phonics to decode words it is also important the children have a clear understanding of the text they are reading. Our ultimate goal is for the children to build their reading skills whilst also fostering a love for reading and books! Please feel free to write what materials they have read (or you have shared) at home in your child’s reading record, we would love to see all the fantastic texts they are reading outside of school


Changing Reading Books:

We do not have specific book changing days as the children complete their reading books at different times, and therefore the children will be asked every day if they need to change their book. If they do need to change their book they just need to let the teacher know. We encourage them to inform the teacher themselves to develop their independence. If your child keeps the same book after they have read it a few times or they are reluctant or forget to change it, please send a message to their class teacher via Dojo.


Reading scheme

At Capel our reading scheme follows the national book band colours and the children are introduced to banded books in EYFS.  Your child will be given a levelled book based on their phonic knowledge, their ability to segment and blend, and their understanding of what they have read (both literal and inferred).  Your child's teacher will continually assess their reading and all children will be encouraged to read and understand a range of fiction and non-fiction books, before they are moved up a level.  The purpose of the reading scheme is for the children to enjoy a range of books to deepen their understanding before moving to the next level.