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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Dear Zoo

The children enjoyed the practical task of making crates for the various animals as in the story.

We discussed the various methods that the children would have to use to make sure the crate was big enough so there was lots of measuring going on, not only lengthwise but height wise too to accommodate the very tall giraffe!

The children used various construction kits in the classroom as well as any junk materials they could resource themselves.

They then had a real problem to solve when presented with a very large tiger cub  that they had to build a crate for. We decided as a group that the lego/duplo bricks were simply not big enough so the children came up with the idea of using the large outdoor bricks and waffles in the garden.

They showed great team work, discussing their ideas, solving problems and together built a great crate!

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