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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


English - 11.05.20


I hope you have all enjoyed English work we have set so far. It has been lovely seeing all of the fabulous work you are doing.


Below you will find the work and sessions to complete this week. If you need help with anything please ask over on dojos.


Session 1 – Reading comprehension – Keep your answers for this safe as it may help you with Friday’s activity.

Session 2 – Handwriting

Session 3 – Alternative words for said – There is also a word mat attached to help you with this activity if needed.

Session 4 – Inverted commas worksheet – This sheet is differentiated so please choose the right level for you.
Page 1 – Practise
Page 2 – Challenge
Page 3 – Mastery.

There is also a poster attached showing you how we use inverted commas.

Session 5 – Writing activity.