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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


Session 3

Today, you are going to think about your class or Unit 2 in general. What comes to mind when you think about being in Badgers, Hedgehogs or Squirrels? Make a list or thought shower of your ideas. See the Unit 2 thought shower example below.

Once you have written down your ideas, use them to create an acrostic poem. In the example below, we have used UNIT TWO as the word for our poem. You can choose which of the following you would like to use for your poem:


Session 4

Look at your acrostic poem from yesterday. Edit and upgrade it until you are completely happy with it. Now, write it out in your neatest handwriting and decorate the border. Please email it to the school for the attention of your child's class teacher so we can print them out to display in Unit 2 for the start of the new term in September.

Session 5

Acrostic poem about you or a letter to your new (or not so new for some of you J ) teacher.

Things you could include: family, hobbies, favourite food/movie/colour/subject, pets, achievements and hopes for the future. We have written acrostic poems about us as examples - have a look at them below. Again, you could email your poem to school for the attention of your current teacher who will print them off and hand it on to your new (or not so new) teacher.