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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


Wednesday 24th February


Read the first part of the story 'One Plastic Bag' on the pdf document below then answer the questions on the final slide.

Thursday 24th February


Today, we would like you to look through the persuasive devices powerpoint to find out about the different techniques writers use to try to persuade their reader. Once you've looked through the powerpoint, use the plastic pollution examples to help you create your own persuasive sentences (see the task sheet).

Friday 26th February


Today, you are going to imagine that you are Isatou from the One Plastic Bag story and either write a short speech or video yourself giving a short speech about the plastic pollution in her town. See the writing task sheet below for more details. A video will be posted on class dojo to help you with your ideas and writing.


There is a persuasive devices word mat and a persuasive words and phrases sheet to help you be even more persuasive in your writing/speech.