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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


Wednesday 5th March


Task 1: Click on the link below to listen to the story of One Plastic Bag to remind yourself of the whole story.

Task 2: Write words, phrases and sentences to describe Isatou's village, Njau before and after her plan. There are images of her village before and after on the document below for you to either print off and write your ideas around or for you to look at to help you with your ideas.

Thursday 4th March


As today is World Book Day, we have put together a selection of reading related activities for you to choose from on the pdf document:

  • Extreme Reading
  • Six word story challenge
  • Favourite book character
  • Protect the planet with Jess French

Of course, we'd like you to spend some time snuggled up reading and sharing books with someone at home too.

Friday 5th March


Today, we would like you to write a thank you letter to Isatou. Open the document below for further details.