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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


Just like in Maths, we are setting different work for each day. Try to stick to the days given as again, we will build upon on what we have done each day. We will also be following this timetable in school with our key worker children so if your child is attending school for a few days they will need to keep up to date. 

Monday - Reading Comprehension
Tuesday - Spelling/Handwriting
Wednesday - Text work
Thursday - Grammar and Punctuation
Friday - Writing


Wednesday 6th 

For your work today we are looking at past tense verbs. 

Go through the past tense powerpoint:

Practise - Complete the practise worksheet. 
Challenge/Mastery - Complete the two activities on the final slide of the powerpoint

Thursday 7th 

Following on from yesterdays lesson, complete the verb sorting activity sheet
Friday 8th