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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School




We are aware that as parents and guardians of the children in our unit you are eager to do all you can at home to help and support your child’s learning. Therefore in addition to the daily reading challenge the children will be given 2 pieces of homework to complete every week. One piece of homework will be spellings and the other will be maths facts to support their learning in school.


1. The children will be given 8 words to practise spelling. These spellings will be taken from the letters and sounds phonics programme and the English national curriculum. The children will then have a short test every Tuesday on the words they have been given. If they spell 6 or more words correctly the children will then be given a new set of 8 spellings to learn. If 6 or more words are not spelt correctly they will keep the same 8 spellings for the following week.   


2. The children will be given a set of maths facts to learn off by heart which will enable them to recall them rapidly. These maths facts will be taken from the maths national curriculum and will include number bonds, doubles, halves and multiplication tables. Every Tuesday during the maths lesson the children will complete a short test where they are challenged to answer as many of the maths facts as possible. Each week the children will aim to correctly complete more facts than the previous week. If they successfully complete all the facts on the sheet accurately in the given time they will then be given a new set of maths facts to learn for the following week.


Both pieces of homework will be stuck into their homework book which will be given back to the children on Thursday to take home to enable you to share and celebrate how well your child is doing. The children must then bring their homework book back in to school by the following Tuesday to allow the test results and the new spellings or maths facts to be stuck in ready for them to take home.


We would like to thank you for your continued help and support.