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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School




We are aware that as parents and guardians of the children in our unit you are eager to do all you can at home to help and support your child’s learning. Therefore in addition to the daily reading challenge, the children will be given 2 pieces of homework to complete every week. One piece of homework will be spellings and the other will be maths facts to support their learning in school.



This year the way we teach spelling has changed and we have introduced a new scheme called Spelling Shed.  Children will be taught a spelling pattern in class and will then be given the same 10 words to practise at home. The spelling patterns relate to the expectations set out in the national curriculum. The children will then have a short test the following week on the words they have been given. If they spell 8 or more words correctly the children will be praised in class and given a Dojo to reward their hard work. 



Each week the children will be given a piece of maths work to complete. This  will relate to what has been taught in class the previous week. Children who complete their homework will also be praised in class and given a Dojo to reward their hard work. 


The children must bring their homework book to school every Tuesday so that we can add their new homework.


If you have any questions please contact a member of the Unit 1 team. 


Many Thanks

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