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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Once up a time

Goldilocks and the three bears


1: Look at the clue posted on Dojo and with the children discuss what traditional story it could be. If they guess correctly ask them if they can tell you anything they know about the story. Parents if you could write down the answers and take a picture of it. 


2: Watch the video of the story below. 


3: Today's focus is understanding the characters feelings. With the children discuss these questions below, again parents if you could either film or write down the children's responses. 

Goldilocks went into a strangers house. Was that a good idea? Why not?

Should she have gone into someone's house without their permission?

Talk here with the children about the importance of saying sorry. We all make mistakes but it is important to recognise those mistakes and say sorry.

Then discuss how the bears felt/reacted. How would you feel if you were the bears? what would you want someone to do to make it right? 


4: Create a WANTED poster for Goldilocks so she can be made to come back and say sorry to the Bears. 

Wanted poster template or create your own on a piece of paper.