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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Once upon a time

Today's tasks:


1: Watch the video of Mrs Dix's discovery.


2: Talk with your grown up about what you think could be in the egg. Parents help guide the children's imagination with questions. 


3: Once the children have decided what they think is in the egg, form a simple sentence with them. For example 

Mrs Dix found a .................. in her garden.

However when the children sound out a sentence such as the example above it might look more like

Ms Dix fond a ......... in hr grden. 


Please can we allow the children to form their own sentences and to also sound out the words the best they can independently. If it is hard to read just write it for us underneath. This will then allow the children to use their phonics skills for sounding but encourage them to use their segmenting and blending skills as well. 


4: Draw a picture to go with the sentence of what they think is inside.