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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Once upon a time

Little Red Riding Hood


1: Look at the clue posted on Dojo and with the children discuss what traditional story it could be. If they guess correctly as them if they can tell you anything they know about the story. Parents if you could write down the answers and take a picture of it. 


2: Read or watch the video of the story.


3: Today's focus is to understand that stories have structures. So for example a beginning, middle and end. They have a setting and main characters and with traditional stories they usually have a problem that needs to be solved. Look at the Traditional stories PowerPoint, talking through each of the slides with the children. 


4: Complete the story map or Film the children retelling the story. They can use puppets, masks or any props they would like. I have put some documents below. 

Some science experiments in case you are feeling creative.