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Once upon a time

Jack and the Bean Stalk


1: Look at the clue posted on Dojo and with the children discuss what traditional story it could be. If they guess correctly ask them if they can tell you anything they know about the story. Parents if you could write down the answers and take a picture of it. 


2: Watch the video of the story. 


3: To describe one of the characters from Jack and the Bean stalk. Encourage the children to add description into a sentence about the characters. For example 'The giant has a beard' would turn into 'The giant has a big fluffy beard and huge feet.' 

Please remember to let the children sound out each of the words. Support their writing by reminding them what comes next in the sentence they came up with and encouraging them to use a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. 


4: Have a go at planting your own bean and see if you can make it reach your castle in the clouds. Example picture below. We would love for you to then measure these each week and show us how tall they grow. 

Writing templates for character description or use a plain piece of paper. Please ignore that it says paragraph. 1 to 2 sentences is fine.