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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


The children in Early Years enjoyed wearing odd socks today to support World Down Syndrome Day.

World Down Syndrome Day 2019.

World Down Syndrome Day 2019.  1
World Down Syndrome Day 2019.  2

On Shrove Tuesday we turned our classroom into a Pancake Café!

We decorated our tables with tablecloths and menus and got our kitchen ready with all the ingredients we needed. We all had different jobs to do. Some of us were chefs, making and cooking the pancakes whilst others were busy taking orders and writing on their order pads what topping the customer would like. Then we swapped around so we all had a turn at different jobs. I think we liked being  the customers best!!

The café was very busy and full of customers. Lots of different grown-ups in school ordered a pancake and said they were delicious!!


Below you will find some picture of our recent pancake cafe!

Pancake Cafe

Pancake Cafe 1
Pancake Cafe 2
Pancake Cafe 3
Pancake Cafe 4
Pancake Cafe 5