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Friday 16th July, 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please see the Bumper Family Challenges from the Children's University below!

Bumper Summer Activities

Monday 12th July 2021


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, have shared details of their See, Make, Do weekend of activities being held on 24th and 25th July.


The weekend is packed full of workshops for children, young people, and family bubbles to take part in, including puppet making, carnival dance, electronic music making, and technical

sound and lighting.


Free of charge.


Places, as you can imagine, are filling fast but The New Wolsey Theatre have generously set aside places for community partners, and we are very proud to be one of those.


All the details are on our website and I've added the link here

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


Another set of wonderful challenges from the Children's University! The Challenges are now monthly so you can get your teeth into them.


If you would like to join the Children's University please scroll down, fill in the form and return it to school. It costs just £5.00 to join in the fun!


Mr Cornish



June Challenges

Dear Children's University learner family,


I am tentatively starting to plan for Children's University Graduation Ceremonies before the end of this academic year. 


To get a sense of the number of children who are due one or more awards, and to help with venue planning, I am asking families to submit the number of learning hours to 30th March 2021 to me by email.


Please send your email to: and let me know:

  • Their name (as it would appear on any certificate and in the program).
  • School year.
  • Name of school. 
  • How many hours of learning they have completed to 30th March 2021.
  • The last certificate they received. 
  • Please send these details, by email to me, by Monday 26th April 2021.

Thank you,



Debbie Bennett,


Suffolk Children's University

Challenges for the week beginning 12th April

Suffolk Children's University Challenges


If you are still thinking about becoming a member of the Children's University then have a go at these fantastic challenges. They are fun for all the family!


Don't forget that it only costs £5.00 to join and then you can collect credits towards your graduation! Please scroll down for more details of how to join!


Sean Cornish


Spring Challenge Bumper Pack

Challenges for March

February Week One Challenge for Children's University members!

Week Three Children's University Challenge

Wednesday 6th January, 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please see below for the Children's University Spring Challenges. I hope the children have fun doing them!


Many thanks,


Sean Cornish


Children's University - Spring Challenge 2021

Wednesday 9th December, 2020


Children's University - Winter Challenges 


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please find below the documents for the Suffolk Children's University - Winter Challenges.


I hope that you enjoy them.


Yours sincerely,


Sean Cornish


Winter Challenges

Dear Parents and Carers,


A new Learning Destination has been established with Eye Heroes. This is mainly aged at children between the age of 8 and 12.


Details can be found at the link below.



Dear Parents and Carers,


You may recall that at the start of this term we invited your child to become a member of the Suffolk Children's University Club. I am delighted to say that there has been a good uptake of this. To support parents and carers we are going to be placing the challenges on line from now on so that they can be accessed whenever is convenient.


The next challenge is all about Coding! If you are already a member of the Club and wish to take part all you need to do is download the information and return your reflection sheet to the School Office by Wednesday 9th December, 2020.


Enjoy the challenge!


Sean Cornish


Autumn Half Term Activities from the Children's University


Dear Parents and Carers,


If you are looking for something for your children to do during the half term holiday look no further than the Children's University. Below are the activities for next week.


Sean Cornish



Half Term Challenge

August Update for the Children's University


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


I hope that you are all enjoying your summer holiday!


Please find below some information from the Suffolk Children's University which I know will be of interest to you.


Sean Cornish


July Update for the Children's University


Please find below information regarding things you can do this summer with the Suffolk Children's University.

Update from the Children's University


Please see the website below for exciting new details from the Children's University!

Children's University - An exciting opportunity


Monday 15th June, 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


As you may know the school is a member of the Suffolk Children's University which means that children can earn credits towards a graduation ceremony for things that they do outside of school. In these unusual times the Children's University in Suffolk have organised a provisional passport for learning to give you an opportunity to try this term and this summer before committing in the autumn term.


Details, together with a provisional passport to learning which you can print off can be found below. If you do not have a printer please do contact the school so we can arrange to have one sent to you.


There are also a number of activities for you to look at that your child could do which will count towards their 30 hours.


We think that this is something that will be really exciting and we encourage both you and your children to give this a go!


Sean Cornish



Suffolk Children's University


We are now members of the Suffolk Children's University. Please see below to find out more details about this exciting opportunity for your children!


Did you know that children spend only 9% of their waking time between the ages of 5 and 18 in a classroom?

It’s a surprising statistic!


Our school is a member of the Suffolk Children’s University and Debbie Bennett, who runs the Children’s University in Suffolk came into school to talk to the children about Children’s University on Tuesday 21st January, 2020.



The children were very enthusiastic and many would like to take part.


What is the Children’s University? 

The Children’s University wants every child who takes part to:


  • Feel that they have grown in confidence and self-belief.
  • Enjoy new experiences, in new places and want to keep exploring.
  • Believe they have a broader range of essential skills.
  • Feel empowered to make positive choices about their future.
  • See that learning is fun, aspirational and lifelong.
  • Feel that their eyes have been opened to a multiplicity of learning activities and opportunities
  • Feel celebrated for their commitment to learning by their family, school and community.


All children who decide to join the Children’s University have an individually numbered ‘Passport to Learning’ in which they can collect stamps and stickers to show the number of hours of learning they have achieved through taking part in Children’s University learning.   Children will be able to collect learning stamps for their involvement with after school clubs and activities and through participation in a great number of activities happening in the local community, many of which the children are already taking part in through their membership of different groups and clubs.


Celebrating achievement is important and children are working towards National Children’s University Awards which will be presented at a CU Graduation Ceremony, which for our school will take place on 29th June 2020 at Suffolk One.  This means that there is plenty of time for the children to work to their first Children’s University Award.  CU Awards are presented for 30, 65 and 100 hours of learning leading to the highest award for 1,000 hours.


Whilst the school has a Membership of the Children’s University, there is a cost associated with the purchase of the Passport to Learning of £5.00.  In joining the Children’s University your child will receive:


  • A Passport to Learning and CU Learner Membership Pack. They will be able to start collecting Learning Stamps in their Passports at our after-school clubs and activities immediately.   
  • If your children attend a club or activity outside of school and they would like to be able to collect Learning Credits in their Passport to Learning, you can collect some information on how to get them involved from the school office.
  • You can find further information on their website


If your child wishes to join the Children’s University, please complete the membership form attached and return it to the school office with a payment of £5.00.

Children Taking Part in Children's University activities

Application Form for your child to join the Children's University