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Hello Unit 2


We hope you have made a start on your rainforest topic and are really enjoying discovering just how amazing rainforests are! By now, you may have found out where in the world rainforests are and a little bit about their climate and the different layers in a rainforest. If you haven't yet, don't worry - just go back to the topic work in the home learning section for week beginning 18.5.20 where there are lots of resources to help you get started.


If you have got that far, you will no doubt be ready to find out more about the animals that live in the rainforest - this links to your English writing task this week. This website has lots of information about different rainforest animals:


We also know that you love to get creative and messy so we've put together a selection of art ideas for you to choose from. We can't wait to see your arty creations. Whilst we won't be able to convert our activity area at school into a rainforest, we can certainly transform a section on the Unit 2 webpage into a rainforest extravaganza filled with your brilliant work so please, please, please keep sending us your work. 


We will be adding more resources about rainforests for the next 2 weeks to help you complete some of the tasks from the activity grid (which we have added again this week as a reminder of the different activities you could do.)