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Week beginning - 29.6.20

We have been so proud of you all for working so hard on this topic. It was a topic that we knew you would love and so many of you have shared such amazingly fantastic work. Lots of this work is displayed in the Rainforest Gallery on our Unit 2 page of the School’s website.

This is the last week of our Rainforests topic so we thought it would be brilliant for you to show off all the wonderful knowledge you have gained in a creative arts way: music, song, dance, drama or creative writing. Therefore, your English writing task this week is for you to write a song (or chorus) about rainforests (see the English overview plan)

If you haven’t done so already, you could use the dance lesson link on the activity grid or create a short drama piece that represents one of the following:

You entering the rainforest,

You discovering a new creature in the rainforest,

A day in the life of an animal living in a rainforest,


or a different aspect that you have learnt about.


If creative arts isn’t your kind of thing and you’re not keen to give it a try, you could choose a task from the activity grid to complete instead. Whatever you do, have fun and share your finished work with us on Dojo J