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Topic Fun

Our current topic of animals is really getting the children excited and motivated. The Caterpillars helped make a zoo today! First we had to go for a walk and collect materials to make the animal pens and areas. Then it was back to early years to create our very own zoo. Butterfly children helped too and enjoyed playing with it as much as us!

Making our zoo

Making our zoo 1
Making our zoo 2
Making our zoo 3
Making our zoo 4
Making our zoo 5
Making our zoo 6
Making our zoo 7
Making our zoo 8

We have had lots of fun this week retelling the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been measuring by putting bowls, spoons and bears in size order. They have been encouraged to retell the story using puppets and to finish off a fabulous week, today they were joined by the three bears and Goldilocks at snack time to eat some delicious porridge. 

What a super World book day we had in Early Years. All the children dressed up and loved being a character from a traditional tale or their favourite book. The children and parents enjoyed the parade around the main classroom and each class posed for a photo. A big thank you to those parents that were able to stay for the reading session, it was lovely to see you sharing books with the children, who thoroughly enjoyed having you there. 
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