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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Y3 Maths

Weekly maths sessions:

Every Week

Times Tables using your flash cards and the times tables websites on our Unit page:


There are also all sorts of online songs and games to help you learn your times tables. Find a method that suits you and go for it! Remember to practise them out of order  so that you can be as quick as possible getting your answers.


Written Methods for all four types of calculation (+ - x ÷)

Look at the examples in your homework books and remind yourself of the methods we have learned.


Ask a grown up or older brother or sister to write you 2 problems for each calculation method (again- look in homework books to see the types of sums we have been doing.)

If you find one method harder than the rest then focus on that so you can surprise me when we come back to School. Show your working out using the same methods as those we have been doing in School.

E.g.       268+ 142=           638 – 253 =          24 x 6 =         72 ÷ 6 =



The remaining 3 sessions will be learning about TIME.


Look at the plan first, then complete one of the sessions each day. 


Follow the lessons about TIME in order as they follow on from each other. You do not need to print these, just complete the work in your home learning books.


Choose a level that is right for you. Remember - just like in class - you can go back a level if it is too hard or move on a level if it is too easy.


There are some additional activities that you might want to complete or that you can get on with until you have a grown up to help you with something tricky. 


If you can't fit everything in, make sure you keep learning x tables and calculation methods - these are the most important until you can do them standing on your head!