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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Y4 Maths

Last week, you were revising units of time and telling the time. We hope you enjoyed the tasks and are ready to now look at some more units of time: days, weeks, months and years. There are 3 sessions on time for you to complete (in the correct order as they follow on from each other) and for the remaining 2 sessions, we would like you to spend 1 session on the written methods and then split 1 session into two so that you complete CLIC and times tables. You will find the CLIC challenge for this week on the separate star labelled 'CLIC Challenges'. Challenge yourself to beat your previous score on the ones you did from your home learning pack. If there are any that you find tricky, ask a grown up at home to help you practise them until you feel more confident with them. 

Parents - Please don't feel that you have to print all of the sheets that your child needs; they can just write their answers on a piece of paper.