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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Y4 Maths

Weekly maths sessions:

Choose one day to practise your times tables using your flash cards and the times tables websites on our Unit page:


Choose one day to practise your written methods for all four operations. There are practise, challenge and mastery level sums in a document on the Unit 2 web page. If there is one method that you are less confident with, make sure you focus on that one and maybe do a couple of extra sums for that method. 


For the remaining 3 days, there are maths activities based on Time for you to work on (see the overview in the document below for details of each task.) You could decide to do session 1 on Monday, times tables on Tuesday, session 2 on Wednesday, written methods on Thursday and session 3 on Friday or all the Time sessions Monday – Wednesday then times tables and written methods on Thursday & Friday. It’s up to you! Just make sure you complete the time sessions in order as they follow on from each other. J