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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Year 3 Maths

 Monday 11th Jan 
Please complete your CLIC (you will find all of these under a separate star). If you are unsure of your CLIC level, please message your class teacher on dojos. 

Tuesday 12th Jan 

Today we are asking you to re-cap the methods previously learnt on addition and subtraction. Go through the powerpoint to remind yourself of how to complete the methods. On the final slide you will find some calculations to complete. Please choose the appropriate level for you. 


Wednesday 13th Jan

Today we are introducing how to multiply by 10. Please take a look at the powerpoint and then choose the correct level worksheet to complete. 


Thursday 14th Jan ​​​​​​

Following on from yesterday's work we are going to be using multiplication to create our very own wizard hats. Take a look at the powerpoint and then choose either a practise, challenge or mastery worksheet to complete. We can't wait to see your fabulous wizard hats! 


Friday 15th Jan

Now that you have shown us you are all multiplying by 10 superstars! Have a go today at completing the worksheets and showing off what you can do. 


Page 1 - Practise
Page 2 - Challenge
Page 3 - Mastery. 

The final page contains the answers to the questions so you can make your work and see how you have got on.