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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Year 3

Maths Homework 13.5.22 - please choose just 5 questions to answer. Remember to read the question carefully. Thank you!

Maths homework 6.5.22

Maths Homework 29.4.22 - Look at the EQUIVALENT fractions on the sheet

11.3.22 - Dice multiplication - As we have been working on Assessments this week, we have chosen a multiplication game for you!

4.3.22 - Homework. We have been developing our understanding of money this week

18.2.22 This week we have been learning the expanded short method for multiplication.

11.2.22 - Here is the maths homework for this week, have fun.

5.2.22 - We have been using our times tables skills to solve reasoning problems this week which has proved a little tricky. We have sent home one of the sheet the children have had a go at this week to see if they can talk through and solve the problems with grown ups at home.

27.1.22 We have been working on multiplying and dividing with the 10 times table this week. How quickly can they complete the game? Who will be the winner?

21.1.22 - We are continuing to look at dividing by 5. How quickly can you complete the Space Race? Time yourself and send us the time on dojo! Good Luck Year 3

14.1.22 In class this week we have been working on the 5 times tables. This is why the homework is about the 5 times table. Please continue to work on the other times table homework as well. This week we have also notice that some children struggled with cutting so it would be great if the children could practise these skills when completing this homework

Happy New Year and Welcome Back! Here is the Year Three Homework for 7.1.22

Homework 3.12.21 - Choose from either 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars

Maths Homework - 29.11.21. Choose just ONE of the challenges from this week's sheet.

Homework 19.11.21 - In RE we have been learning about Hinduism and how the game of snakes and ladders relates to life and Karma. Whilst you play the game, see if you can explain what you have learnt to your grown-ups.

Maths Homework 12.11.21 - Please remember to choose from Practise, Challenge 1, Challenge 2 or Mastery level.

Maths Homework - Please choose the colouring page for your current times tables

Maths Homework 15.10.21 Please just do 1 level - Practise, Challenge or Mastery

8.10.21 - Pease choose one level and explain your answer with the grid (as per the example)

1.10.21 Homework - Please note that there is one sheet for Practise level and one for both Challenge and Mastery.

24.9.21 Homework - PLEASE, PLEASE READ - your child only needs to do ONE of the sheets NOT all three. When completed please upload to your DOJO portfolio Thank you Mrs Pearce and Mrs Reid

17.9.21 Please complete ONLY one sheet and upload it onto your Dojo account. Thank you! Mrs Pearce and Mrs Reid