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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Year 4 Maths

This is the timetable for Maths each week during lockdown. Please try and do the work on the day suggested as some of the skills will build on what you have learned the previous day. If you are a learner who comes into School some days, it is really important that you try to access the work on the days you are at home as well.


Monday - CLIC and x tables
Tuesday - Calculation Methods
Wednesday - Topic Introduction
Thursday - Topic Practise
Friday - Topic Reasoning

Wednesday 6th 

Welcome Year 4s to our new maths learning online! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are ready for our online learning! Today we are looking at multiplying by 10. I would like you to look at the video at below and then see how much of the worksheet you can do.

NOW (a very important part) please do not panic if this is too hard – I will be making sure that we have practise, challenge and mastery activities as we go through our lockdown lessons. This is just a look at multiplying by 10 in different ways.

Thank you – Mrs Reid (any problems, please message me on Dojo!)