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Year 4

Time Resources

We have been working on time. There are many aspects to this and the children are at very different stages. Please could you help your child develop a better understanding of this over the summer. They should be able to:

  • Read the time accurately on both digital and analogue clocks
  • Convert between digital and analogue times
  • Understand 12 and 24 hour clocks
  • Convert between 12 and 24 hr clocks
  • Understand timetables and calculate (eg how long is the flight that takes off at .....and lands at...)
  • Solve problems (the film starts at 10:45 and is 1hr and 36 minutes long...What time will it end?)


The Topmarks website has several games based on learning to tell time. Search "Topmarks maths time"


There is a table attached to support learning 24 hr clock..


Money Homework

This week we have been working on money. The homework requires the children to add amounts of money. They could do this using mental strategies, or use their written method. There are 2 levels of difficulty and I would love as many as possible to try the harder level this week. 


For a further challenge, your child could calculate the change from £5 or £10. We have been working on this in class but many found this tricky. The written method we have used is to use a number line. This video gives a clear example. Watch from 14m30s to about 18m 15s




Decimal place value homework


17/ 06 / 2022

Revising Multiplication and Division


Review of addition and subtraction methods.


Equivalent fractions part 2!

This homework is building on what we did last week. If your child is finding it tricky please refer to the resources from last week (fraction wall / rainbow method).


This week we have continued our work on fractions.

The homework is based on equivalent fractions. If the children are finding this tricky there are a few strategies we have used to help. They could draw the fractions so they can actually see how much is shaded. They could use the "rainbow method" (attached). 

Also, I have attached a "fraction wall" which might help them as well.

There are different pictures on the document but the children only need to choose and complete one of them.



This week has largely been an assessment week with no new learning in Maths so I would like the children to work on their times tables. Not many weeks now until we do the y4 times table assessment which is done online and they get just one go.


I want the children to feel really confident and that they have achieved well so they can be proud of themselves. The aim of the test is to get the children to be fluent (instant recall) so that it helps them across all of Mathematics as they move into Unit 3.


The website we have been using to practise can be found at: 


There are lots of practise activities and then you can also try being speedy at a version of the assessment that the children will be doing - (they have done this in class).


The government have said that there will be an emphasis on the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 multiplication tables because these have been determined to be the most difficult multiplication tables.


I have been really pleased at the effort the children have been putting in at School and a bit of practise at home will make all the difference!


This week I have given the children a sheet for their homework. These were all named and put in bags so hopefully they will have found their way home!

It is a sheet checking they have a secure method for each of the 4 calculation methods.

We have an assessment week coming up soon (nothing new...we do it every term) and I wanted to make sure they were all super confident before then.


If they have forgotten any of the methods or what to do with a remainder etc, please show them and give them a few extra ones to practise.


Thank you for your continued support.


Division with remainders

This week we have continued practising the "bus stop" method for division but this time with calculations that have remainders. I have given you a practical game so that it is a bit more fun for the children but if they would prefer to show you they can write them out as well that is great. You do not need to upload a photo of the game, just a message to say they have done some homework is great.


Short division method

Phew! We are really whizzing through a lot of new Maths this term!

This week we have been learning the short division method that you will hopefully be familiar with. We refer to it as the "bus stop" method to remind the children how it is set out.


These calculations do not have remainders at the end (that's next week!) but do require the children to "carry" over to the next sum any "left over" from the division calculation. Some of the children were forgetting to do this so if they are making mistakes that is something to check. I have put an example on the sheet.


Also, another common mistake was if the first number is actually a zero. The children need to remember to move the whole number across as a "carry". I'm sure this will be obvious when you look at the work they have done.


Thanks again for your support.

28. 01.22

Multiplying 3 numbers


This week I am sending home a practical challenge. You need to solve the calculation and then find the answer in the blue bubble. That gives you your next problem. I have cut these up ready to play. 


If your child has not been in School the puzzle is also attached to download and print off (first 3 sheets). If you are doing this, you will need to cut off the little number on the left and muddle them up as they are printed in order!


Practising multiplying

This week we have learned how to use the formal written method for multiplying (the grown up way!)

The children have managed really well and learned this quickly. The only problem we have had is that they make mistakes because they are still not confident in their times tables. The children are beginning to see why this skill is so important. Please encourage them to practise as much as possible be it with the flash cards, playing games online or singing along on you tube.

Answers attached.


Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100.


We have now covered how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. 

If you get stuck remember to draw yourself a place value grid (H T O etc) and move the digits one or two spaces to the left or right.


Don't get caught out by forgetting to look at the sign!

Please choose your own level of difficulty (1, 2 or 3 stars). Answers included.


Here is the Maths homework this week.

We have learned how to multiply by 10 and 100.

3.12.21 Statistics Homework Year 4

26.11.21 Subtraction Homework

Please remember to only complete one sheet.

This first sheet is for anyone who needs extra practise with exchanging. 

19.11.2021 Mixed calculations


This week the children have been working on subtraction using a written method. Please complete neatly. There are two levels to choose from (3 digits or 4 digits). Year 4, these have NO exchanges so you should be fairly confident with them ready to move on next week. 

5/ 11/ 2021

Column Addition

Please find the homework attached.

The children have all been brilliant using this method of calculating and should be very proud to show you.



Adding and subtracting tens.


This week's homework is to practise counting forwards and backwards in multiples of 10 from any 3 digit number. 

For example:

Count forwards from 247 (257, 267, 277 etc.)

Or backwards from 465  (455, 445, 435, 425 etc.)


We are struggling when it comes to crossing into a new "hundred"  

For example:

Count on from 287  (297, 307, 317)

Count back from 724 (714, 704, 694, 684)


This is a skill that the children really do need to help them become fluent mathematicians. Please practise as much as possible whenever you can (..on the way to swimming....when you are walking the dog....take turns round the table having tea etc.). Make it fun and repeat as often as you can.


For evidence this week, just send a message to your class teacher to say that you have been practising. We would love to see video clips of your child counting, showing how much more confident they have become. 


Thank you for your support.




8.1.10 Negative Numbers

Just a reminder one sheet only please! If your child is working at the expected level for example, the developing level will not challenge them. Any problems or questions, please contact your child's teacher on dojo. Please upload to dojo next Friday 15th October. Thank you. 

1.10.21 Rounding Numbers

Please remember to complete only ONE level - the level you are working on in class as this is the appropriate challenge. Upload to portfolio on Dojo on or before next Friday 8th October. 

24.9.21 Homework Place Value 10, 100, 1,000 more/less.  Please remember ONE level. Choose from developing, expected and greater depth (think about the level you would choose in class). Post to portfolio on dojo on or before 1-10-21.