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Year 5

Maths Mat Spring 2 Week 6 


Due 7th June 


Choose your level. 

Maths Mat 5 

Due 24th May

Choose your level. 


Extra play Estimating Angles on a computer.  Search nrich - estimating angles or copy this web address.



Maths mat 4 . 


Choose your level 


Due 3/5/2023



Maths mat 3 


Due 3rd May 


Choose your level

Maths Mat Spring 2 mat 2 


Choose your level 


Due 21st April. That seems a long way off! 

Spring Maths Mat Part 2 

Due 23.3.23

Choose your level. Challenge yourself.  

Spring Maths Mat 6 


Due 15th March 


Choose your level.

Maths mat 5 

Due 8th March

Choose your level

Maths mat 4 . Choose your level. Due 1.3.23

Maths Mat 3 

Choose your level 

Due 22.2.23

Maths mat 2 

Choose your level. No need to print. 

Something new this week. A maths mat. You do not need to print it. Choose your level. 


Remember there are 360 degrees in a full circle and 180 degrees in a straight line. 


Don't forget to mark your work. 

You're getting really good at these challenge sheets now. Keep going.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Now to get your brains working again.

Challenge paper. 

Due in 14th December - We would like the children to access Timetables Rockstars for a minimum of 1 hour over the week. There will be no homework set over Christmas.

Homework due 7th December

I have added this as some of you have asked for help with the methods for fractions. Please refer to this when you need.

Homework for 30th November

Homework for 23rd November 2022


Great job with the arithmetic challenge. Here's another one to try. 

Homework due 16th November.

1. Maths arithmetic challenge. Complete each calculation. No need to print. Remember to line up the decimal point  when adding decimals. See video if you are not sure how to do this.

2. EXTRA Practice  o'clock and half past if you can't do this. There is a sheet and an online game for more practice. 

How to Add Decimals | Math with Mr. J

Welcome to How to Add Decimals with Mr. J! Need help with adding decimals? You're in the right place! Whether you're just starting out, or need a quick refresher, this is the video for you if you're looking for help with how to add decimals.

EXTRA HOMEWORK (if needed) due 9.11.22

Some of you need a 'telling the time' revision. If you can't tell o'clock and half past have a go at the extra work please. 


This week we have looked at square numbers. Work at your level. Everyone start with sheet 8 of the booklet. Then spend 30 minutes on the rest of the work. I think most of you will probably then go onto the mastery sheets that you started in class. DO NOT do the same questions as you did in class! If you need to go back a step do the easier sheets. Try to push yourself though. I really don't think any of you need to draw squares again. 

In class this week we have been looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers. Please spend 30 minutes trying to solve the Prime Detectives activity within the prime numbers activity booklet. If you finish it and it was easy  go back up the booklet to the mastery style word problems. If it was a bit tricky try the pages after the Detectives activity. 

Homework due 19.10.22

This week we will revisit Y4 division. There are 2 levels. Choose what's right for you. Spend 30 minutes on your work marking as you go. Watch the video to remind you how to do it. 

How to divide using short division / the 'Bus Stop' Method

A quick guide to using the bus stop method for division KS2. How to divide using the bus stop method. BOOKS I RECOMMEND TO PASS THE SATS Maths - SPAG (Grammar) - Reading - Full practise tests - I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this video.

Homework is slightly different this week. Some of you have been struggling with multiplication so I'd like to practice this before we move onto Year 5 multiplication. Spend 30 minutes on your work. Make sure you mark it and correct any mistakes. Start at the beginning , in the middle or at the end and work backwards! You choose your level. 

I have added two videos to remind you if you need help. There are 2 levels. 

No need to print.

Spr4.2.2 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

Spr4.2.3 - Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

Year 5 maths homework due 5.10.22

Year 5 maths homework due 28.9.22