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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

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Year 6

Homework due 8th February .

Homework due 25th January

Homework due 18th January. You should be really good at these by now!

Year 6 homework due 11.1.23

Due in 14th December - We would like the children to access Timetables Rockstars for a minimum of 1 hour over the week. There will be no homework set over Christmas.

Maths homework due 7th December

Maths Homework due 30th November 


Here's another! Due 23rd November 2022

Homework due 16.11.22

Arithmetic paper 2 . Try to beat your score from last week. 

Year 6 it's time to up our game! Have a go at the first arithmetic paper for Year 6 . See how far you can get in 30 minutes. Don't forget to mark it afterwards. If you can then complete the rest in a different colour. Mark any that you need help on.  

Year 6 homework. 

Practising these skills is making a big difference to your work. You remembered so much more this week. Well done. 

Please complete another  arithmetic practice paper. You did a good job last week. See if you can improve your score. Go over any mistakes to see if they were calculation errors or perhaps you have forgotten how to do it. Then ask an adult to help you if you can. You need to be able to complete the Year 5 work easily before moving on this year. 

No need to print it just write the question then work it out in your maths homework book. 


Homework due in 2nd November: We have been working hard on Long Division over the past 2 weeks. Here is some extra practise to keep the skills fresh

Homework due 12.10.22

Year 6 homework due 28.9.22