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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School


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Our Curriculum

Care Achieve Persevere Enjoy Learn


We believe learning should:

Develop enquiring minds that question, explore and investigate.

Provide opportunities for learners to apply core basic skills in real life situations.

Involve the whole community.

Enrich spiritual development so children can philosophise, debate, wonder, and question so they develop their own opinions and beliefs on a variety of issues whilst showing respect for others.

Ensure all pupils achieve by maintaining high expectations and personalising learning to suit all needs.

Our Curriculum Statement


At Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School we believe in a curriculum that is designed for the whole community that takes into account the opinions of all stakeholders. We aim to provide all children with an exciting and stimulating learning environment that fosters the development of the whole child, whilst maintaining high expectations and academic success. The curriculum should develop enquiring minds, deep thinking and investigation so children can apply basic key skills within real life situations.



Key features


  • Investigative, high quality, whole class curriculum
  • Independent learning
  • Individual targets
  • Continuous teacher assessment.
  • Differentiated activities to meet the needs of all of our learners.
  • Curriculum that allows children to Care, Achieve, Persevere, Enjoy and Learn


Our Themes


  • We use joint Key Stage themes that follow the 2014 National curriculum which incorporate children’s lines of enquiry.
  • An entry type task which focuses on real life experiences to capture the children’s imaginations and to inspire high order questions.
  • Each theme has planned opportunities for children to experience a variety of activities based on the curriculum principles of enquiry, community and spirituality.
  • Outdoor Learning opportunities, class visits and first hand opportunities.
  • Planned by the teacher and subject leaders to ensure progression throughout the school.
  • Cross curricular planning includes all subjects when appropriate.
  • Daily maths session covers basic skills and mental maths.
  • Daily phonics, grammar and literacy sessions.
  • We use the Erasmus project when teaching RE, which forms the Suffolk syllabus.
If you need copies of any of these please ask at the school office

Our Two Year Rolling Programme