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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

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Mrs Goldfinch

Year 5 homework for half term. Please complete as many questions as you can in 30 minutes. Please self mark.

Year 5 homework due 14 February. Please complete after 8 February. Pick one sheet from the three to complete based on how confident you feel. Answer sheet included so don't forget to mark :)

Year 5 homework due 7 February 2024. Please complete and mark after Fridays lesson.

Year 5 Maths homework due 24 January 2024- Please find homework attached with marking sheet. There are 3 different sheets to pick from. Please go for the level you feel most comfortable with.

Year 5 Maths Homework- Please find attached this weeks Maths homework and marking sheet. Homework is due 17 January 24.

Year 5 Equivalent fractions homework due 22.11.23. Please find homework and answer sheet attached for you to self-mark. This is to help consolidate your learning for this week.

Year 5 homework due 15.11.23. Please use the marking sheet to see where you have gone wrong and to support any corrections.

YR 5 Homework due 8.11.23. Please note we are covering this in the few lessons so it may be worth waiting to do the homework from Friday onwards. Question and answer sheet attached.

YR 5 Maths HW due 1.11.23 please find homework and answer sheets for you to self mark. There are only a few questions for you to complete so the other homework will to be to spend time on TT Rockstars to support your times table knowledge.

YR 5 Maths Homework due in 18.10.23. The answer sheet is attached for you to self mark.

Yr 5 Maths Homework due in 11 October 23- Both the homework and answer sheet are included so you can self mark your work. Remember the problems will involve more than one step. Break the problems down and do one step at a time. Good luck!

Please find attached the year 5 maths homework due in 4 October 23. You need to complete questions 1-8 and the mark scheme is attached for you to self-mark. This will also help to see where you go wrong and for you to be able to correct any errors.