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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure


It is vitally important that we foster a love of reading and therefore we have a Unit 1 Library. The children will have the opportunity to chose a book from the Unit 1 library every week. This sharing book is a book they have chosen for you to enjoy together.


To enable children to become lifelong readers, it is essential that they are encouraged to read for pleasure. The desire of wanting to read will help with the skill of reading.


Involving the children in the choice of books is also very important and by doing this it will help to encourage them to choose books that interest them. 


We do not expect your child to read their library book independently so please do not try to get your child to do so. Read it to or with them. It is good to talk about the book with your child, you can discuss the pictures and what is happening in the story, predict what might happen next, use different voices for the characters, explore the facts in a non-fiction book but it is also important not to turn the discussion into a test. The main thing is that you have fun!


Of course this does not mean they only have to read books from school. They can also choose to read an information book, a library book, magazines, comics or internet articles. Please feel free to write what materials they have read (or you have shared) at home in your child’s reading record, we would love to see all the fantastic texts they are reading outside of school.


Changing Books

The children will be given the opportunity to change their Unit 1 library book every Monday.