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Sharing Session

Sharing Session


We feel it is extremely important that we provide the children with opportunities to share their hobbies, interests and aspects of their home life at school. Therefore, every week we will have a 'share' session in school where the children will get an opportunity to share with their peers what they have been doing at home, any special places they have visited or any achievements they have accomplished. 

Sending photographs and messages via dojo allows the children share their experiences without the worry of bringing in precious items that could get lost and broken.


If your child does something at home that they would like to share then if you can post it on the portfolio section of class dojo, we can look at the pictures together. Although, we would love to see all the work the children are doing at home it doesn’t just have to be school work related. It could be something they have made, something fun or exciting they have done at home, somewhere interesting they have visited or an achievement they have accomplished. Anything that is important or meaningful to them!

Please don’t feel you have to post something every week but if your child does something particularly exciting or something they are very proud of then we would love to see and hear all about it.