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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Unit 1


Today the children in Unit 1 made an incredible discovery...


After our PE lesson this afternoon, Mr Cornish came to find us with some exciting news. He told us that he had seen a flash of light and a loud bang from his office and needed us to go with him to investigate what is was. When we got to the Forest School area, we couldn't believe our eyes! We saw...


We then spent some time thinking about who might have come out of the spaceship and what they might look like. We hope very much that whoever has come to visit us in a spaceship is friendly!

Welcome to Unit One


Meet the team


Mrs Matticks, Senior Leader, Unit 1 lead and teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Rabbits’ class.

Miss Ray teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Fawns’ class.

Miss Gargett teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Squirrels’ class.

Miss Stirling student teacher


Miss Wilcox and Mrs Hambling are our Higher level Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors.

Mrs Nixon, Mrs Overton and Miss Branch are our Learning Support Assistants, providing valuable support for your children.

Be prepared

What your child needs to bring to school:

* A book bag in which to transport their reading book and diary to school

daily which can be kept in their tray (please do not use a large bag or rucksack as they cause a hazard to the children due to the lack of storage space to accommodate them)

* A water bottle daily

* A hat and an application of sun cream during warmer weather

* A coat daily

* Packed lunch if required

In line with Covid-19 guidance, please do not bring any other items from home. We will provide all of the equipment your child will need during the day.

About our unit

In our Unit all our classes work very closely together and the teaching team plan together which ensures consistency and allows every child to receive the same opportunities. All the curriculum subjects will be either be taught in year groups with a teacher from the unit or as a class with your child’s teacher. The daily phonics sessions will be taught in ability groups as our results show this to be the most effective method to ensure all the children’s needs are met.


We always have a fantastic, fun and creative curriculum planned for the children and next year will be no different! Every half term we base our learning around an exciting and engaging book. We purposefully do not give you the name of the books as we do not want to spoil our topics for the children. The book title is usually not revealed to the children until the second or third week, as often our work will rely on the children predicting and using their imagination. After the big reveal the book title will be put on the website. This new approach to delivering the curriculum was introduced this year and proved very successful.

Our classrooms

Our Unit area

Rainbow Challenge

We recognise the huge importance of working together to support the needs of all the children and we look forward to building up a partnership with you the parents and carers of the children in our care over the course of the year.