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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

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Unit 1

Welcome to Unit One

Bumblebees, Squirrels and Badgers

Meet the team


Our Unit 1 team includes:

  • Mrs Haigh, Deputy Headteacher, Unit 1 Lead, SENCo and teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Bumblebees’ class on Thursday and Friday.
  • Mrs Jordan teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Bumblebees’ class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Miss Gargett teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Squirrels’ class.
  • Mrs Read teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Badgers’ class on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Mrs Dean teaches the year 1 & 2 ‘Badgers’ class on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.


  • Mrs Pryke and Mrs Overton, are our Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors.
  • Mrs Lieberman, Mrs Moore-Corry, Mr Wilson and Mrs Mapperley are our Learning Support Assistants, providing valuable support for your children.

About our unit

We always have a fantastic, fun and creative curriculum planned for the children and this year will be no different! 

In our Unit all our classes work very closely together and the teaching team plan together which ensures consistency and allows every child to receive the same opportunities. All the curriculum subjects will be either be taught in year groups with a teacher from the unit or as a class with your child’s teacher. 



Our classrooms

Our Unit area