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Capel St Mary CEVC Primary School

Unit 2


Today, in unit 2 the year 3’s were super scientists as we took part in our very own science day! We had a range of activities going on throughout the unit that we were able to investigate. We looked at how you can use a balloon to lift objects, how you can prevent a sneeze from spreading and the best way to make a boat. We also looked at the properties of cornflour and even made paper aeroplanes that we took out on to the playground for a race!

4th July

There will be no Maths or English homework this week due to lots of sport practise and our fabulous sports day.

Thank you 

Unit 2 smiley



Unit 2 had a wonderful time exploring the animals and plants in the beautiful countryside at Flatford. We enjoyed: pond dipping, grouping and classifying the creatures we found in the lake, studying them under microscopes, releasing them back into the wild, playing bug bingo aka mini beasts hunt in the RSPB gardens, admiring John Constable's paintings and creating our own masterpieces using the 'Constable Country' as our inspiration. 

Unit 2 Show

We are very proud of the children and the efforts they put in with our performance of 'Porridge'.

I'm sure you'll agree they worked so hard with their acting, singing and dancing.