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Unit 2

The children have created their own Tin Forest - as part of our English work based on Helen Ward's book

Today, Hedgehogs Class wrote a collaborative poem. I was so impressed with the way that they worked together to produce this. We hope you enjoy it.

Observational drawings (11th June 2021)

As part of 'Our World' topic, we are starting to explore local habitats. We spent this afternoon studying the wide variety of leaves we have in our school grounds. Using our observational skills and drawing techniques, we carefully sketched the leaves. What a relaxed way to spend an afternoon - sketching in the outdoors.


Here are the plans we used for making our simple catapults.

The next step is for the children to adapt and create their own design and then make their new improved catapult. Many children were keen to investigate catapults further at home. There are lots of ideas online and You Tube tutorials that the children could get ideas from.


When it comes to making their own design, they will, of course, have time to do this in school. Some children are already thinking more ambitiously and know they have an adult and resources that they could use at home. We are completely happy for the children to create their catapult at home if they want to use tools and equipment we do not have in School. We will look forward to seeing what they produce whether this is made in School or at home.   


If you are looking for ideas, try searching "Roman catapult design"  or "catapult design ks2".


REMEMBER - this is not something you HAVE to do at home! It was just that so many children were keen to have a go at home, that we wanted to provide some resources to support them if this was the case.


Year 3 Maths - 3D shapes (14th May 2021)


For the last 2 weeks, Year 3 have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes. They have become experts at describing 3D shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary: faces, edges and vertices. This week, they have been using this knowledge to construct 3D shapes using straws and plasticine and then from nets. Take a look at the photos below to see the range of 3D shapes they have been making and describing.

Science - Rocks and Soils (6th May 2021)

This week we have been investigating how rocks change over time due to the process of erosion. Ask your child to tell you all about Roger Rock becoming Simon Soil. We studied soil profile and looked at the different layers. Using delicious treats, we created our very own soil profile. Take a look at the photos below to see if you can spot how we represented each of the four main layers: Bedrock, Sub Stratum, Subsoil and Topsoil.

Our live Zoom sessions with Rufus and Gnaeus! We were lucky to be able to ask them so many questions about being a Roman!

April 2021


As part of our Romans topic, we have been learning about Pompeii. We created explosive Mount Vesuvius artwork. We also linked our English work to our topic and explored the book 'Escape from Pompeii.' We wrote detailed descriptions of Mount Vesuvius erupting. Take a look at our stunning art work and amazing descriptions below.

26th March 2021


Religious Education - The cross


We have been learning about the cross and what it means to Christians. We discussed whether we thought it is a symbol of love or sacrifice. We decided that it is both because God sacrificed His son for us because he loves us all. We made our own crosses using natural materials in the school grounds and wrote explanations about what each part of our cross represented.

Animal poems - 5th February 2021

Self Portrait Art Gallery - January 2021


What a creative bunch you are Unit 2! We are absolutely delighted with the amazing self portraits you produced yesterday as part of your home learning. We have added them into the slideshow below for you to take a look and see if you can work out whose self portrait each one is.

Welcome to the Unit Two Web Page


Welcome to the Unit Two web page. Here you will find galleries of pictures as well as information that showcase what we are doing.


You will also find details of some of our homework tasks.


Please check back weekly so you can see what we are doing.



NSPCC Number Day 5.2.21. This year we will be supporting the NSPCC by taking part in Number day. More details to follow in the New Year.

Year 4 parents please see the guidance below about the multiplication check which will take place in the summer term. We will be in touch with additional information closer to the time.

Times Table Information

Happy Christmas from Unit 2

New reading books - 11th December


The children were so excited to choose from the new books we were able to buy. Thanks to the PFA for providing us with some of their fundraising money; we were delighted to be able to purchase just over 200 new books for our Unit. The staff and children truly appreciate these books and we know they will be read many times and add to the children's love of reading. THANK YOU.

New books

Our amazing Hawaiian Luau!

What an amazing time we had celebrating our tour of North America! We ended with an amazing Hawaiian Luau - lots of hula dancing, limbo dancing and of course, eating and drinking! great fun was had by the whole Unit! 

The Grand Canyon

Our North America adventure continues and this week we have been exploring the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

The children have been working hard to understand how the vibrant layers were created over millions of years and then how the weather and the Colerado River have carved out the incredible canyon! They showed their understanding with this amazing artwork.


Learning how to stay safe online is a key part of the Computing curriculum. In Unit 2 we created our own online superheroes to remind us how to be a good digital citizen.




As part of our North American adventures, we have travelled to Mexico this week. We discovered that Mexico is so large that it has completely different climate zones from desert to mountains to tropical rainforest!

We have loved finding out about the Mexican culture including their amazing folk art. We created our own versions of Owls and pastel pictures of Adobe (made from mud) buildings.

21 - 09- 2020

We are off on our adventure around North America. This week we have arrived on the stunning island of Jamaica. Today we investigated the island and explored the mountains and beaches. We did a lot of research to find out what it would be like to visit or live in Jamaica.

We found this delicious tropical fruit to try....there wasn't much left when we had finished!

Rain before rainbows 11.9.20

We started this term with a mini topic based on the beautifully illustrated book Rain Before Rainbows. The book explores overcoming worries and fears - hope over fear.

At one point in the story, the girl in the book is having a beautiful dream where she flies across the night sky with her fox companion and rises above her problems. Her dreams inspire her and encourage her to keep going.

We talked about what dreams of hope we have. We used a variety of ways to represent our dreams: we wrote them down, created dream jars and produced pieces of art work of our dream.

We have also written poems about rain and rainbows.

Have a look at the slideshow of pictures below to see some of the fantastic work Unit 2 have produced in the short time they have been back at school.

Every child in Badgers class contributed ideas towards our whole class poem. We discussed the best choice of adjectives and worked hard to upgrade our initial ideas and made sure we included the positive and negative aspects about rain. 

Rain Poem by Badgers - 10.9.20

Well done to everyone in Unit 2 for settling in to School life so quickly. It has been fabulous to get to know all of our new children and to hear lots of news from the Year 4's. Please read our Welcome Letter below that gives more information about the Unit.

Whole School Mustard Seed Day - 30.1.20

Please visit the Religious Education page in the News and Events section of the website to find out about what the children learnt about on Thursday.