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Easter Message from Bishops Martin and Mike

Welcome to the Unit Two Web Page


Welcome to the Unit Two web page. Here you will find galleries of pictures as well as information concerning what we are doing.


You will also find details of some of our homework tasks.


Please check back weekly so you can see what we are doing.



Some of our Unit 2 children have left beautiful rainbows with messages of support for the local community on the pavement outside the front gates and written heartfelt letters. We are thinking of you all.

Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20

Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 1
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 2
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 3
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 4
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 5
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 6
Hello to the Capel Community from Unit 2 - 20.3.20 7

Letters to the Capel community

Year 4 have been busy working on their times tables ready for the multiplication screening in June. This is a timed activity (6 seconds per question) so we are working on rapid recall. Here are a few websites that we use to help us. Maybe you could play these at home. Enjoy.


World Book Day 2020


We were delighted with the amazing effort that the children (and parents ;) ) put in to dressing up their potato(es) as a book character. Take a look at the Unit 2 gallery below. It has been a very difficult decision to choose a winner from each class. The results will be announced tomorrow.

Whole Class Kenning - 2nd March 2020

We read some more of our class book today and discovered further information about the wolf character, Fenrir. In groups, we listed adjectives and verbs to describe the monstrous wolf's appearance and behaviour. Finally, as a class, we combined our amazing ideas to create a class kenning.

Squirrels class kenning


A fierce fighter.

A ferocious killer.

A vicious clawer.

A careless defeater.

A dangerous pouncer.

A deadly survivor.

An unpleasant winner.

A beastly biter.

An unstoppable destroyer.

A colossal chomper.

A hungry howler.


Badgers' class kenning:


Blood sucker,

Undefeated roarer,

Town destroyer,

Strong lasher,

Black creeper,

Scary howler,

Strength holder,

Fire wrecker,

Wrong maker,

Fierce scratcher,

Athletic jumper,

Hairy stomper.




A stealthy stomper

A fire swiper

A bone cruncher

A cruel killer

A deadly demolisher


A night stalker

A black pounder

A flame crusher

A greedy gobbler

A god murderer


A monstrous bounder

An evil scratcher

A flesh ripper

A dark destroyer

A moon howler

RE: Symbols and religious expression in Judaism - 28th February

All of the symbols below are important for Jewish people and help them to remember their covenant (agreement) with God. Today we learnt about the rainbow and mezuzah. Can your child tell you how these two symbols remind Jewish people of their agreement with God?


Picture 1

Fractions - 24th February


Year 4 have been exploring fractions this week. On Monday, they were set 4 tasks where they could show off what they knew about fractions. Look at the document below to see some of what they could show us.

Clay artwork - 14th February 2020

We have been learning how to manipulate clay into desired shapes by rolling, pinching and smoothing it with our fingers. We've also experimented with using tools to create texture and pattern to our clay designs. Have a look at the art gallery slideshow below to view our amazing clay dragon eyes.

Maths learning at the local shop

Maths learning at the local shop 1
Maths learning at the local shop 2
Maths learning at the local shop 3
Maths learning at the local shop 4
Maths learning at the local shop 5
Maths learning at the local shop 6
Year 3 have been learning to add amounts of money and work out change. There's no better way to put this into practice than going on a shopping spree. The children purchased a healthy snack from the local Co-op. Thank you to the staff at the Co-op for their kindness and patience while the children worked out their bill and change.

Whole School Mustard Seed Day - 30.1.20

Please visit the Religious Education page in the News and Events section of the website to find out about what the children learnt about on Thursday.

Picture 1

Storytelling - 24th January 2020

Storytelling is an exciting way to share stories and has been used throughout history, including during Viking times. This week the children have been learning a Norse myth by reading it and creating a storyboard of the key events. As a group, they then used them to tell the story to the rest of the class. I'm sure many of them will be keen to share their story telling skills with you at home. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Books are...    17th January 2020


Professor Brownstone's (a character in our new class book) most treasured possession is his collection of books. We discussed the value of books and created a class poem using our ideas.


Badgers' class poem:

Books are exciting and inspirational.

Books are incredible; they make you want to jump in.

Books can be sensational.

Books can make you feel alive.

Books can be portals to another world.

Books are a door to our creation.

Books are electrifying and thought provoking.

Books are time absorbing.


Dragons 1
Dragons 2

DRAGONS - 10th January 2020

We kick-started our Vikings: Dawn of the Dragons topic this week by immersing ourselves in all things dragon related. The children have displayed brilliant sketching skills; their dragon drawings below show great detail.


The children have also been studying kennings - a type of poem that describes something using clues rather than just saying what it is. Each line is two words long. The word kenning comes from a Viking phrase which means: 'to express a thing in terms of another' so it's like a mini riddle to describe something. The children have been developing their language skills using a thesaurus. There is a selection of some of the amazing kennings below for you to enjoy.



Dragon sketches

Dragon sketches 1
Dragon sketches 2
Dragon sketches 3
Dragon sketches 4
Dragon sketches 5
Dragon sketches 6
Dragon sketches 7
Dragon sketches 8
Dragon sketches 9

Unit Two Medium Term Plan Spring One


After learning all about the Stone Age, we wanted to find out how hard it would be to live in that

time period. 

We had an exhilarating day learning how to make spears and hunt, creating cave paintings and preparing and cooking food over an open fire. We even had a go at lighting our own fires using a flint and steel instead of matches; it was really hard work but we all succeeded and felt very proud of ourselves.

Some of us definitely found our inner cave dweller and thoroughly enjoyed living in the wild!







Parents - you may have already heard about the lesson Unit 2 had on digestion last week (week beginning 2.12.19.) The children were equally amazed and disgusted at the same time! They learnt the names of the different parts of our digestive system and their function. We showed them the journey their food makes through their body. Ask them to explain the process to you (if they haven't already). The pictures below will compliment their explanation laugh

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This half term we have travelled back in time; way, way back to Prehistoric Britain. The Stone Age was when early humans sheltered in caves. We know this from the impressive cave paintings they left behind.

In Unit 2, the children have created their very own Stone Age cave.

Our Stone Age cave

Whistling Caves Adventure Day

What an amazing adventure! Unit 2 thoroughly immersed themselves in their adventure day. Each and every one of them took on the role of either Scott, Jack, Emily or Drift from Whistling Caves and brought not just the Whistling Caves book to life, but also their own magnificent stories. The school field was transformed into a campsite and the bushes and shrubs became the Whistling Caves. 

The children spent the day doing a variety of activities whilst in role such as: Creating maps of their location, hunting for clues, painting the landscape just like Aunt Kate from the book enjoys doing and devouring a delicious picnic (that they had helped make) of sandwiches, ginger cake and chocolate & courgette cake!

The Great Bread Bake Off

The children in Unit 2 designed some very inventive and creative roll shapes and flavour combinations for the Great Bread Bake Off. The judges had an extremely difficult job in deciding who would be awarded Star Baker in each class.


Star Baker in Hedgehogs was Olivia

Star Bakers in Badgers were Ava and Naiimah

Star Bakers in Squirrels were Kyren and Ava. R


Have a look at the slideshow below to see some of the delicious bread rolls that filled the whole school with mouthwatering smells yesterday.




The Great Bread Bake Off - 4th October 2019

Author Visit in Unit 2

We had a special visitor in Unit 2 today – the fabulous author of our current class book 'The Mystery of the Whistling Caves: Helen Moss. She led a fascinating and inspiring workshop in each class on how to write a mystery story. She taught us to start with what goes missing, who took it and why before we start our story. Once we had these ideas firmly in place, we started to tell the story with our 3 main characters (and Drift the dog of course!) having fun together in Castle Key on the last day of the summer holiday. Drift finds a clue that leads the children on a hunt for a lost treasure map. Helen guided the children through the stages of how a mystery story develops. Each of the three classes will be using their new authorial skills to plan and write their own mystery story. 

Our adventures around the UK


Using The Mystery of the Whistling Caves as inspiration, we have taken on the role of adventure seeking children just like Scott, Jack and Emily to discover more about the country we live in. Each week Unit 2 classes have been left a clue to solve in order to work out the location of the our next visit.



Clue 3

Clue 3 1 Where do you think we have travelled to this week?

Clue 2

Clue 2 1
Our second clue took us to Mount Snowdon in Wales. We worked out what equipment we would need to climb to the summit. We discussed the changes in weather the higher we climbed and compared the landscape to Suffolk.

Clue 1

Clue 1 1
The children worked out that we needed to travel to Cornwall's golden sands.