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Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge!


Can you complete the reading challenge?


All you have to do is READ!! Can you read every day?


This year to reward the children for practising their reading skills at home, we are challenging the children to read as many times as they can at home.


In the Squirrels and the Bumblebees every child has been given an animal with their name on and they will move their animal along the trail on their class display to reach their class target space. In the Badgers class each child has been given a book mark (which is in their plastic reading wallet) to collect their reads.

Every Friday the teacher will collect and check each child’s reading diary and count how many times they have read to someone during the week at home. If they have read 4 or more times during the week at home the children in the Squirrels and Bumblebees will move along the trail on the class display and the Badgers will receive a sticker to put on their bookmark. The children will be rewarded after every 5 weeks of successful reads.

Once the children have reached their final target they will receive a book to reward their fantastic achievement and wonderful hard work.


In order for us to check how many times your child has read at home during the week we will require your help. Every time your child reads to someone at home just sign and date your child’s reading diary (writing mum, dad, nan, etc. is sufficient). If you wish to write a comment then you are more than welcome to do so but please don't feel you have to. We can then reward your child when they have read 4 or more times during the week and ensure that they have every home read counted.  


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Every member of staff in our team will always do everything they can to help in any way possible. Thank you for your continued support.


Happy Reading!