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Collective Worship



Our value for Christian Worship this half term is Generosity. The document below provides you with different things that you can do at home to support your children.


There is a TALK ABOUT section where you will find a short introduction and some questions for you to discuss with your child.


There's a READ TOGETHER piece which is a Bible story that has been written for you to read aloud to your child.


WORDS OF WISDOM is a wise saying for you to reflect on.


FASCINATING FACTS which contains facts to amaze you and marvel at, all to do with this half term's theme.


FAMILY FOCUS here you will find a fun activity that you can use with the whole family.


There is the HOME SCHOOL CHALLENGE which is something that you can make to bring into school for our Generosity board in the hall!


Finally, there is a HALL OF FAME, which has details of an inspirational character who has demonstrated Generosity in the way that they have lived their life.


We hope that by providing you with these details you will be able to share this with your child so that you are able to take an active part in our Collective Worship at home!

Generosity - Home School Value AUTUMN ONE 2021

Our theme for Collective Worship this half term is SERVICE. Please take a look at the document below which is filled with ideas of how you can explore the value of service together at home.

Easter gardens


Rev. Sally has been in school sharing the Easter story with each Unit bubble over the last couple of days. One of the activities the children worked on with her was creating an Easter garden (see the photos below)

Spring Term - January 2021

Although, the majority of you will be learning from home this half term, we would still like you to spend some time learning about our Collective Worship theme - Perseverance. Each Unit will be sending home some Bible stories, prayers and other activities every week for you and your family. Below are some fun activities based on perseverance for the family to do together alongside topics to discuss and reflect upon.


Last week, Rev Sally Letman came to lead our collective worship about Christingle. Christingle means ‘Christ’s Light’. They are used by Christians to celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World and are usually used in Church services during advent.

Christingles were introduced into Anglican churches in England in 1968 and the first Christingle service raised money for the Children’s Society charity. 

A Christingle is made from an orange, red ribbon, four small sticks, dried fruits or sweets and a lit candle.

Take a look at the gallery of photos showing the children learning about and making their own Christingles.

Remembrance Day 2020


During the last week, our pupils have been very busy painting a poppy on a pebble ready for our Remembrance Day service. The children placed their poppy on a pebble in our Reflective Garden and had time to think about the brave soldiers, past and present, who protect us and our country.


A group of Unit 2 children also visited the War Memorial in the village to place their pebbles on the memorial. In addition to this, they also visited the War Grave in St Mary's churchyard where Rev. Lettman spoke to them about what poppies represent and closed with a prayer. Two children laid their pebble at the grave.


Please have a look at the pictures below.

Remembrance Day 2020

Remembrance Day 2020 - Visit to Capel St Mary's War Memorial and War grave at St Mary's Church

Unit 3's reflective area

What are you thankful for?

The children have been invited to write down something they are thankful for in each day if they would like to and post it in our thankfulness box. At the end of each day, we share what things they have been thankful for that day.

These are some of the things the children have been thankful for:

I am thankful for water

I am thankful for my friends

I am thankful for life

I am thankful for sunny days at school

I am thankful for my teachers

I am thankful for maths

I am thankful for my friends playing with me

I am thankful for us all being back at school together

I am thankful for books

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

(Alice Morse Earle)

 This half term's theme is THANKFULNESS


Click on the THANKFULNESS star below to find fun activities based on thankfulness for the family to do together alongside topics to discuss and reflect upon.


Although we are unable to hold whole school collective worship at the moment, Collective Worship remains an important part of our day at Capel. We will continue to focus on a Christian Value each half term but this will take place in our classrooms and within our Unit Bubbles instead. This week we have set up Thankfulness boxes where children can write or draw something they have been thankful for that day and post it into the box. At the end of each day or week, we then share what people have been thankful for.




Teaspoon (tsp) Prayers - 27th February 2020


Teaspoon prayers contain a thank you, a sorry and a please in them. In class based worship, the children wrote their own teaspoon prayers. Here are some from Unit 2:


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the food we have and how lucky we are.

Sorry for the wrong things we've done in life.

Please help me to stop getting so mad at my brother and sister.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for helping me when times are rough.

Sorry for when I said sorry but did not mean it.

Please help me to know when to say sorry.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for helping us to save the planet.

Sorry for all the damage we do to earth and its life.

Please help us to think before we do things in life.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving us a life on earth to make mistakes and be forgiven.

Sorry for losing my temper and getting angry at others.

Please help me to feel happier on earth even when times are tough.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for our animals and the plants.

Sorry that we don't always respect living souls.

Please help us to respect all living things and each and every plant.


Open the Book - Friday 7th February 2020


Once a month, we are lucky enough to welcome our local Open the Book team to our collective worship. Whenever we talk to the children about Collective Worship, so many of them tell us that they really enjoy the Open the Book team coming in and that these are some of their favourite Collective Worships.

The team, along with some help from several children volunteers, perform a different story from the Bible each time. This month, it was the story of Jesus' first miracle - turning water into wine.

The message shared with the children was that when you are finding things difficult or things aren't going your way, it is always good to ask for help.

CHRISTMAS SERVICE - 19th December 2019

The whole school enjoyed taking part in our Christmas Service at St Mary's Church yesterday where the children presented Hosanna Rock - a musical version of the Christmas Story. Groups of children read parts of the story, some acted it out whilst the rest of the school sang songs to accompany them. In addition to this, the Music Group delighted us all with their singing for two of the songs.

Kevin Ross, one of our Governors, closed the service with a heart-felt message thanking us for all that we do and recognising that the future will be bright due to the wonderful children we have at Capel St Mary CEVC School.

HARVEST SERVICE - Friday 11th October


Today, the whole school walked down to St Mary's Church for our Harvest Service. Mr Cornish led the service by reminding us of the importance of Harvest and how our generosity of giving food items helps those in need. Each unit shared something they had been working on in class: Early Years sang a Harvest song and showed us their beautiful artwork and all other units read a selection of the Autumn and Harvest poems they had been writing in class recently to coincide with National Poetry Day.

It was lovely to welcome parents, grandparents and friends at the Church and share our service with you. Thank you for coming along and joining in.